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Discuss links posted here. 'Am I being catfished?' An author confronts her number one online critic | Books | The Guardian

I find it hard to believe that the Guardian not only printed the chronicles of a stalker, but allowed it to...

2 comments Smuggled Bushmeat Is Ebola's Back Door to America

Where is this "equation"? I don't see it. If it were there, you would only feel offended if you are a...

2 comments Start - Spirit of Health 2015

Anual meeting of quacks. Proposing harming of children and refraining from life saving medical interventions.

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Who uses donotlink?

Skeptics, bloggers, journalists and friends on social media use donotlink to link to scams, pseudoscience, misinformation, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, racist / sexist blog posts, etc. without improving the search engine position of the site they are discussing.

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