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Discuss sites to which you do not link: PICTURES: Shocking Pictures Comparing US School Lunches to Other Countries Goes Viral

This article is totally misleading. The Sweetgreen article from which the images stemmed was not a railing...

1 comment No one is trying to stop you from making sexist video games. No, really.

>Sarkeesian Are people still listening to this halfwit? They need to start a "BloggerGate" and start calling...

1 comment VoiceOfTheisticSatanism.Com

Who is this clown? Does he even know how to computer?

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Who uses donotlink?

Skeptics, bloggers, journalists and friends on social media use donotlink to link to scams, pseudoscience, misinformation, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, racist / sexist blog posts, etc. without improving the search engine position of the site they are discussing.

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