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Discuss links posted here. Obama’s amnesty plan called ‘suicide for America’

Fun fact: illegal immigrants have a lower crime rate than the general population. Obviously once we legalize...

1 comment 5 Lines That Potential Wives Cannot Cross

..and you will stay single and disturbed for ever.

1 comment Village Idiot Kirk Cameron Wants Women to Know Their Place in the Home

And the attacks on Christianity become more and more. You will all see the truth very soon.

2 comments Welcome To Reaxxion – Reaxxion

you've got to me kidding me lol

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Skeptics, bloggers, journalists and friends on social media use donotlink to link to scams, pseudoscience, misinformation, alternative medicine, conspiracy theories, racist / sexist blog posts, etc. without improving the search engine position of the site they are discussing.

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